I believe we are blessed in order to be a blessing, which is the core foundation of Project 5&5

Project 5&5 is based on the age-old principle of donating 10% of profits to those in need, split between my favourite charity and those nominated by our clients.

I particularly love microfinance as a means to break cyclical poverty with dignity and grace, and Opportunity International is doing amazing things in this space, hence why it’s my charity of choice. But why stop there, when we can double the fun by investing in so many other groups doing great work for folks in need?

Each Elevate client is invited to share a cause that’s near and dear to their heart, and all those charities are thrown into the proverbial hat – every month I draw a new client-nominated charity, with 5% of my income going to the winning charity and the other 5% to my fav, Opportunity International.

From funding entrepreneurs in Haiti to educating kids in Guatemala to helping vulnerable local pets and supporting Cochrane Food Drives, here’s a sampling of the tremendous organizations we’ve been honoured to invest in over the years:

If you haven’t yet nominated your favourite charity please be sure to send it through to, and if you’re interested in supporting any of these excellent organizations we’d sure encourage you to do so 😊

Thanks so much for working with Elevate Financial, thus enabling us to invest in others. A generous heart is a blessing indeed!

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